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Roll a Monster Drawing Game


Roll a monster drawing game for kids.



Roll a Monster drawing game. Great for the PreK or preschool age! And you can make some fun challenges for older children to extend the use!

Practice counting using dice.

Practice shapes.

Practice drawing basic shapes. Great fine motor skill practice!

You can even write specific colors on the game to make it fun color practice.

Item is a black and white, 2 page, PDF file for standard 8.5 x 11 computer paper. Print this as many times as you like and have fun drawing with your little one!

A challenge: If you need something a bit more challenging, you can try using two dice. Roll one die, and that tells you what to draw, what shape, etc. Roll the second die and have your child add the total together. The sum can be the total number of heads/bodies/arms/legs drawn. You can also do subtraction, etc.


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