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Printable Shape Flashcards


Printable shape flashcards that can also be used for learning colors.



Basic shape flashcards with vibrant colors.

These flashcards are available as an instant download.

Includes 12 flashcards that are 3×5 inches (will fit on a notecard perfectly):

– Shape
– Circle
– Triangle
– Oval
– Diamond
– Star
– Heart
– Pentagon
– Hexagon
– Rectangle
– Semicircle
– Crescent

All of the colors of the rainbow are used, so these flashcards can also be used when teaching colors.

This is a pdf file that can be printed instantly. The file contains 4 pages with 3 flashcards on each page. Each flaschard is sized to be 3×5 inches. When cut, they can then be used as is, or glued onto 3×5 notecards for a more durable feel. Laminating is also a great option!


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