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Baby Sleep Solutions E-BOOK **Special Pricing**


The e-book version (pdf file) of Baby Sleep Solutions at special pricing for my blog readers!



Upon purchase of this e-book you will be sent a PDF file of Baby Sleep Solutions to view on any phone, tablet, or computer.


If you follow the 6 realistic steps that are outlined in this book, your baby will be sleeping through the night a full 12 hours.

This book is written by a mom. As a result, the advice is made up of steps that make sense, provides flexibility, and it works!

Because this is written by a mom, you also get to skip all of the fluff and get right into what to do and HOW to do it. The author, Katrina Villegas, knows you don’t have time to read about philosophy while in the throws of sleepless nights, and she gets right to the point.

This book is for you if:

  1. You want your baby sleeping a full 12 hours at night.
  2. You are pregnant and planning ahead or have a newborn. It’s fantastic to start from birth.
  3. You have an older baby and are struggling with nighttime wakings. You can still use the tactics in this book and get your baby sleeping those full 12 hours.
  4. You want a full night’s sleep yourself.
  5. You want your baby to be happy and healthy.
  6. You want to prioritize sleep for everyone in your household.
  7. You want to TEACH your baby how to sleep.
  8. You want to teach your baby how to fall asleep without needing to be rocked or held.
  9. You want to make sure your baby is getting enough daytime sleep.
  10. You want to ensure your baby is eating enough throughout the day, so they don’t need more food at night.
  11. You are interested in gentle sleep training techniques.

So. whether you are pregnant and planning ahead for when your newborn arrives, have a newborn already, or even a 10 month old, this book is for you and can help you teach your baby how to sleep through the night.

6 EASY Steps that Any Parent Can Implement

You may have read some baby sleep methods before and walked away scratching your head.

Many parenting books tell you WHY you should implement certain solutions, but they don’t really tell you HOW.

This book focuses on how to implement everything so you can see quick, sustainable success.

If you are looking for baby sleep solutions that involve gentle sleep training, this book is right on track for your needs.

Sleep training means teaching your baby to sleep well. This book teaches you how to focus on your baby’s needs during the day, so your baby can be set up for sleep success at night.

So, your question might be how to get your baby to sleep through the night, but to solve that, you really have to implement a few easy tactics during the day.

Don’t worry, this book also tells you how to tackle those night time wakings, and at what ages they should even be expected.

The tactics outlined in this book are basically all of the baby sleep training essentials that you need to put into place to have your baby learn how to sleep through the night in an easy way that is not forced upon them.

Also included in this book:

  1. Specific feeding and nap schedules for baby’s first FULL year, broken down by age.
  2. A chart featuring the recommended wake times for baby’s first FULL year, broken down by age.

To go with this, Katrina also created a companion workbook that you can find by clicking on the Baby Sleep Solutions series, called Baby Schedules Planning Guide to help you in your journey!

Useful Data: Teaching Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Katrina did a quick poll of like-minded parents- parents that implemented similar tactics to the ones implemented in this book. In a poll of 300 people that use basic techniques like these from birth, 80% have their baby sleeping a full 12 hours at night before the age of 6 months!

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