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Printable Toddler Calm Down Tool Kit


Printable calm down tool kit for toddlers with 3 downloadable items!



Calm Down Tool Kit for Toddlers and Young Children

All items are available as an instant download.

The Calm Down Tool Kit Includes:

– 4 Emotion Cards (Happy, Sad, Angry, Calm) I recommend printing these on cardstock. They could then be laminated for long term durability. Each card shows a picture of the emotion, as well as the text. Your child can learn to identify with the emotion cards to express their feelings.

– Calm Down Recording Chart
This chart includes 9 tools that are great methods for teaching your child to calm down on their own. (After all the object is to get our children learning how to calm themselves down even if we are not present). The chart includes a visual so your toddler can choose which idea they want to try. It also includes a place to record if the technique worked for your child. Children will gravitate towards some more than others, and not all techniques work for every child.

– 9 Coloring pages/tool kit cards
These coloring pages include images of each of the 9 calm down techniques listed on the recording chart. Your child can have fun coloring these as many times as you want to print them out! They can be used as talking points while having fun coloring, or you could print them out on cardstock and have your child choose which method they want to try for calming down. It is a great way to engage your child in the calm down process.

This is a pdf file that can be printed instantly.

3 Files will be available for download: emotion cards, calm down recording chart, and coloring pages/tool kit cards.

It is a great idea to also create a calm down bin along with this tool kit. Include all items needed for each technique, along with the printed emotion cards, coloring pages, and chart.

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