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Printable Potty Training Reward Chart

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Simple printable potty training reward chart for any age!



Potty Training Rewards Chart

I love this chart because it is a super flexible system that you can cater to your needs.

This chart can be used for a variety of different “potty” skills. The great part, is you can print as many as you need, label them and decide on your focus!

Ideas of what to reward when it comes to potty training:

When first potty training reward for sitting on the potty. Then move up to rewarding for actually going potty. Once they’ve mastered that, give them the reward for asking to go potty.

Have an older child that is learning to go potty on their own? Reward for pulling their pants down all by themselves. Reward for wiping on their own. Reward for flushing, washing hands, etc.

You can break up the steps to make it less daunting for your child.

Milestones: Our daughter was fully potty trained during the day by 18 months of age. She then potty trained for naps and night at 2 years old. At 3.5 she’s doing the entire process on her own (except for wiping after poop… Mama’s not ready LOL). These charts can be used for all of those phases. The prize changes based on what is motivating at each age, but it is still effective!

This is a digital file (PDF file) and you’ll be able to print as many of these sheets as you need! Each page is formatted for a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

View our EASY 10 step potty training method here.

3 reviews for Printable Potty Training Reward Chart

  1. Stephanie

    Perfect for potty training! I had me daughter color in the circles.

  2. Mikela

    We used this as a sticker chart. We started by giving a sticker reach time she went potty. Then we changed to a sticker at the end of the day once she was doing good. Love that this chat can be used for any timeframe.

  3. DEBBIE creel (verified owner)

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