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Printable Potty Training Reward Chart

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Simple and flexible printable potty training reward chart for any age!



Potty Training Rewards Chart

This is a PRINTABLE potty training rewards chart. It comes with 2 rewards charts, and parent instructions (that are also found in below) on how to use the system. You will be able to print this chart and use the pages as many times as you need.

Parent Instructions for using the potty training chart:

On the first page you’ll find 7 rows, each with 4 circles and a prize.

As your child is successful, fill in the circles with stickers, or have your child color them in. Couple that with a food reward for extra motivation. We use one piece of dry cereal for an enticing, small treat. When they’ve earned 4 circles, they get a small prize —>(A new playdoh color, small stuffed animal– think stocking stuffers)

Depending on where your child is in the potty training process, you may choose to use this page differently.

Here are some examples of potty training goals for your child:

Each time your child successfully sits on the potty, fill in a circle.
Each time your child pees on the potty, fill in a circle.
Each time your child is dry for a dry check, fill in a circle.
Each time your child poops in the potty, fill in a circle.
Each time your child asks to go potty, fill in a circle.

If your child needs extra practice, you might use the entire page for one of the above goals, then print it again for mastering another goal. If they master one goal after 1 or 2 rows, you might switch to the next goal. The chart is left generic for that reason. Your child’s level will determine how you use this page and for how long. You’ll be naturally phasing out rewards as they move to the next goal.

Once your child is staying dry with very minimal accidents, asking to go potty, and successfully going in the potty, move to the potty training map page.

On this page, your child has a bigger challenge. Stay dry ALL day. If they do that, they get to mark off one day. At the end of the day, mark off the circle and
consider giving a small prize. After day 7 they get a big prize!! Congratulations, you did it!! Your child is potty trained. Get yourself a prize too! 😉

Reminder NO physical product will be sent. You are purchasing a PDF, printable file that is formatted to standard printer paper (8.5×11″). You can print this file as many times as you wish!

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3 reviews for Printable Potty Training Reward Chart

  1. Stephanie

    Perfect for potty training! I had me daughter color in the circles.

  2. Mikela

    We used this as a sticker chart. We started by giving a sticker reach time she went potty. Then we changed to a sticker at the end of the day once she was doing good. Love that this chat can be used for any timeframe.

  3. DEBBIE creel (verified owner)

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