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Block Schedule

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Printable block schedules to help manage your day at home with kids.


A block schedule is basically chunks of time throughout the day that have a theme or a focus.
Using a block schedule will help ensure that your child is doing a variety of things while they are at home.
Block scheduling can be used for all ages. My children are 1 and 5. I plan on using the same schedule for both children, and just adjusting the activity for each of them to be age appropriate.
The great thing about these chunks of time, however, is that you don’t need specific activities in mind, you just need the main focus and some basic ideas. Your child can decide the rest and have some freedom with their choices.

This block schedule printable includes a colorful pdf file. I’ve included some essential categories:

Focused learning time

Sibling play time

Outside time

Room time (This is independent playtime)

Creative time

Free play

Family time

Night activity (Alternating between exercise, reading, math, safety discussions, and writing)


I’ve purposefully left the times off, so that you can write in the timing you desire and that works for your schedule.

These block schedules are great to use during the summer, or when home for vacation days, quarantines, etc.


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