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Birth Plan Template (Early Induction/Medical Termination)


Printable birth plan for a medical termination (early induction).



This birth plan is for an early induction (otherwise called a medical termination). Please feel free to download a copy and edit for your specific situation.

Our daughter had trisomy 13. We chose to induce early and spare her any pain. A birth plan template was provided to us by Hopkins. This is our edited version for you to review and change as you see fit for your unique desires.

It was incredibly helpful to have a birth plan typed up. We never had to explain our situation to the nurses and doctors, which was especially useful during shift changes. I am actually not a fan of birth plans (since birthing a child seems to never go the way you planned), but when you know your child is dying, it’s incredibly helpful to have everything put in writing ahead of time.

We specified how we wanted the birth to go, what visitors were allowed, contact numbers of photographers, and what our wishes were for our daughter’s remains.

I am so sorry that you are in this position. I hope that this birth plan can provide you a starting point.

Our daughter, April, was alive for 11 minutes, and knew nothing but love. Things went as perfectly as they could in such a horrific situation.

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